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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Since childhood I have suffered with the chronic symptoms of bi-polar disorder. I realized this as a senior in high school, where my journey of survival and wellness truly began. I have sat in many clinics, doctors offices, hospital waiting rooms and dark rooms where hope was hidden…I have taken many kinds of drugs, supplements, teas, and therapies…I have seen many relationships with others and myself suffer during the vain waiting period of better life. Somehow I have always savored a sprinkle of hope that I was destined for something big. Not just manic good, but pure historical recognition for helping others like me. Underneath my peril of doubt and confusion lies a true artistic humanitarian. I have traveled through life with one reigning characteristic: Always keep an open mind. I love people, and have made it my life’s work to know as much as I can about them and concert a perspective of understanding humanity. My vehicles driving me toward this effort have been art, photography, writing, observation, music, and a determined work ethic. My goals have become creation – of pieces that coagulate the polars of life. I have many books written in my mind, many exhibits waiting to tour, and many days of life to offer others. So, what has been the wait for these pieces to be published?

The answer to this riddle could ultimately be bi-polar, but I also contribute my savory traits to this as well. I feel the most significant answer to my insignificant existence is insecurity. I have spent working time being a chump for change. I have spent the few dollars I have made on the world of medicine, travel, music and people. Even though I absolutely suck at financing, I have always followed my entrepreneurial spirit. It is incredible what can happen in honor of open minded passion for life, even when suicide is tugging at the pant leg of daily doldrums.

Early in 2003 I was eager to change my eating patterns. I had no money, no health insurance, no sleep, and no clue besides common sense…what I did have was determination. I was on a mission to control the breakdowns I was consistently having (1-2 per week), and to find a way to stop getting shingles on an average of twice per year. I made a vow to not get back onto prescribed or un-prescribed medications for at least one year, I carried three books about food around everywhere, and I spent at least one day a week going to health food stores. I was working three jobs and truly hated working for other peoples businesses while I went broke. One day in April the attentiveness of my ears and heart paid off. I was dropping some eaves, and I heard a woman say – “blah, blah, blah Balanced Nutrition, blah, blah, blah…” I nearly attacked her for information. I am so happy that I did.

What I found on that day was Reliv International. From that day since I have more control over symptoms of bi-polar than I could ever imagine. I started sleeping better right away; to this day I don’t have nightmares or night terrors, I don’t sleep walk, and I don’t wake up every hour with stinging in my brain. I no longer nod off during the day and am more productive than I can ever remember. Even though I got really excited right away, it took a couple of months to truly comprehend what I had a hold of. Reliv is a food science company that has products like no other. Reliv is the purest form of balanced nutrition available. When the body gets the nutrients it needs, it knows what to do with it. More importantly, Reliv is a company that cares about people. Everyone works together from our scientists, to our president, to our corporate office and distributors world wide. I not only found some salvation in my wild wellness journey, but also the entrepreneurial dream I have been looking for. I have saved thousands of dollars by not using medications or going to doctors for sickness (Aleve also lost a major customer), and I have earned thousands of dollars that has helped my debt situation working part time. The most significant thing I found is that I am not living an insignificant existence. I have found what I want to be when I grow up, and that is to share Reliv with everyone while I experiment with the many mediums of art.

I have the ability to help as many people as I want and that want it in return. I have never in my life imagined that a company could be so extraordinarily successful and simultaneously care so much about families across the world. I have proudly adopted Reliv’s mission to Nourish the World. We are leading a volunteer army that is helping people pay bills, pay tuitions, help family and friends, spend time with children, and become wealthy and healthy. Reliv is not a cure, it is not an easy avenue to wealth, and it is not a pyramid. Reliv is about self discipline, hope, help, success, equality, health, financial security and no boundaries. It’s all one world in the eyes of Reliv, and that comes straight from our president, founder, and CEO Robert Montgomery.

I’ll end with this statement from Zig Ziglar’s book See You at the Top which I believe corresponds with Reliv’s mission:

We believe that this is “the end,” or at least the beginning of the end, of negative thinking, negative action, and negative reaction; the end of defeatism and despondency; the end of settling for less than you deserve to have and are capable of obtaining; the end of being influenced by little people, with little minds thinking little thoughts about the trivia that is stock and trade of Mr. & Mrs. Mediocrity. In short, it is the end for you of the world’s most deadly disease – “Hardening of the Attitudes.”

Welcome to The Richer Life.

Write me a message if you are looking for family freedom, financial security, better health, or if you love helping other people and want to be part of what I and many others feel is the coolest company in the world.


Blogger angeli-surrenders said...


I'm currently taking Reliv as well and have had really beautiful results , one of which I'm hoping is to hone into my mood swings.

How much/what kind of product combo do you take to help you stabilize the bi polar?

How do you talk about Reliv to others when the bi polar effects of either mania or depression are kicking in?

thanks for your input,


11:59 PM  
Blogger ILENE said...

I am a Reliv distributor and also have a daughter with learning disabilites. I but her on a Reliv combo and I can see the differences after 1 month. I would like to talk to the mom of a firend of hers who is bi-polar. The girl is 14 going on 15. Can you tell me what products you are on

3:04 PM  

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